Selling Opportunity in AUD/JPY - Sold @ 91.432 Mon, Jan 9, 16:01pm. Stopped Out @ 91.406 +$6.68 Wed. Jan 11, 08:31am

Chart AUDJPY, H1, 2023.01.09 08:04 UTC, Blueberry Markets Pty Ltd, MetaTrader 4, Real

AUD/JPY rose in a 30wave structure from the Dec 20 low of 87.010 to this afternoon high of 91.505 (at the point of writing). As all 3-wave structures are deemed to be corrective, a simple 3-wave recovery in this case is seen to be perfect opportunity to anchor a short position in anticipation of a full resumption of the large trend - which is down in the case of AUD/JPY.


Sold @ 91.432 - Mon, Jan 9, 16:01pm.

Stop @ 93.500. Stop moved to 91.406.

Target: TBA.