Selling Opportunities in USD/JPY - Mon, Nov 21, 2:37pm. #1 Limit Sell Order @ 141.45 Filled. 17:15pm. #2 Limit Sell Order Filled Tue, Nov 22, 01:17am. Closed Out Mon, Nov 28, 21:22pm +$603.80

Chart USDJPY, H1, 2022.11.21 06:37 UTC, Blueberry Markets Pty Ltd, MetaTrader 4, Real

USD/JPY appears to be extending higher in a  corrective rally from last Thursday's low of 137.67. So far, this rise remains corrective in nature. When we compare this rise to the sharp drop from 146.79 on November 9, it is clear that this fall may not be over and another decline below 137.67 could be in the card. If so, this corrective rebound offers a relatively low risk selling opportunity assuming this rise does not surge sharply beyond 142.48. 


#1 Limit Sell @ 141.45. Limit Sell Order Filled @ Mon, Nov 21, 17:15pm. Closed Out Mon, Nov 28, 21:22pm

#2 Limit sell @ 142.20. Limit Sell Order Filled Tue, Nov 22, 01:17am

All Stops @ 143.70. Moved Stop to Break-even Fri, Nov 25, 14:02pm.

#1 Target @ 135.85.