Selling Opportunities in S&P 500 - Wed, Dec 21, 11:37pm. Sell Orders Cancelled Thu, Dec 22, 23:11pm

Chart SPXm, H4, 2022.12.21 15:40 UTC, Tradeview, Ltd., MetaTrader 4, Real

The counter-trend relief rally from 3489.5 on October 13 probably peaked at 4136.5 last Tuesday on December 13. Since then, the S&P 500 has declined to 3775.2 yesterday for a loss of some 8.7% in just a week. This steep decline reinforced the idea that this relief rally has exhausted itself and is getting ready to resume its medium to long decline from the all-time high of 4817.5 registered at the start of the year on January 2, 2022. If so, this represents a chance to re-position shorts for an extended loss into 2023.


#1 Sell Limit @ 3914.0. Sell Orders Cancelled Thu, Dec 22, 23:11pm 

#2 Sell Limit @ 3947.0. Sell Orders Cancelled Thu, Dec 22, 23:11pm 

All Stops @ 4150.0

Target: To Be Advised