Selling Opportunities in S&P 500 - Thu, Jan 5, 13:44pm. Stopped Out Mon, Jan 9, 09:05am +$66.50. #2 Order Cancelled - Mon, Jan 9, 23:47pm.

Chart SPXm, H4, 2023.01.05 05:43 UTC, Tradeview, Ltd., MetaTrader 4, Real

Since peaking on December 13, 2022 at 4136.5, the S&P 500 index has came under selling pressure, hitting a trough at 3763.7 on December 22. 

Over the last two weeks, the index appeared to have found a temporary bottom with prices rising to 3883.8 at the start of trading in the US in January. This recovery appeared corrective in nature and may struggle higher towards the upper band of the rising price channel seen in this 4-hours chart. So long as this rise remains corrective, there is a chance selling interests may return for a resumption of the fall from last December - possibly to challenge last October's low at 3489.5.


#1 Sell Limit @ 3906.0. Stopped Out Mon, Jan 9, 09:05am +$66.50.

#2 Sell Limit @ 3950.0. Order Cancelled - Mon, Jan 9, 23:47pm.

Stop @ 4146.0

Target: TBA