Selling Opportunities in Nasdaq 100 Tue, Nov 15 11:55am. Stopped Out Tue, Nov 15 21:15pm -$227.90. Closed Out Thu, Nov 17, 22:11pm +$509.52

Chart NDX100, H1, 2022.11.15 03:55 UTC, Blueberry Markets Pty Ltd, MetaTrader 4, Real

The overnight run-up to fresh November high in the Nasdaq 100 at 11863.36 was followed by a sharp pullback. This left a reversal candle bar in the daily time frame as was also evident in both the DJIA and S&P 500 indices. As such, this could signal a short-term decline may be in the works. Among the US stock indices, the weakest link is the Nasdaq 100 index. This is why this index is the preferred choice for selling into this potential decline.


Sold #1 @ 11776.43. Tue, Nov 15, 11:51am. Closed Out Thu, Nov 17, 22:31pm +$509.52

Stop @ 11880.00

Target @ 11453.00