Buying Opportunities in AUD/USD - Friday, September 30, 2022. Limit Buy Orders Filled. Closed Out All Long Positions Before Target +$1,192.50

Chart AUDUSD, H1, 2022.09.30 13:24 UTC, Blueberry Markets Pty Ltd, MetaTrader 4, Real


In the face of a super strong Dollar, all currencies were sold off aggressively. As a result, AUD/USD fell to a 29-month low at 0.6363 this week (Wed) and rebounded. The initial rebound was strong having hit 0.6531 for a rise of 168 pips. While prices have since eased back, it does not look like the counter-trend rally is over just yet. The pullback from 0.6531 is currently unfolding as a 3-wave and has the potential to extend lower from 0.6531 to 0.6435 from 0.66523 towards 0.6428 to 0.6402. If so, buying within this zone may present another buying opportunity.


#1 Buy Limit @ 0.6428. Order Filled (Sept. 30, 22:59pm) Closed @ 0.6490

#2 Buy Limit @ 0.6402. Order Filled (Oct 1, 04:13am) Closed Out @ 0.6490

All Stops @ 0.6348

All Targets @ 0.6595 (Closed Out Before Target is Hit) Oct 5, 10:14am SGT